Riverview Veterinary Hospital

3300 Cobb Parkway, suite 102
Atlanta, Georgia 30339



Client Reviews for Riverview Veterinary Hospital in Atlanta



9/22/16 | Very professional and kind staff. Came in with a bird and they were very knoweldgable and practical. Dr. Boznic was a great teacher and very friendly. Highly recommend! 

– Suzann W. | Atlanta, GA


9/15/2016 | My baby girl has vaccines that were required that I needed DESPERATELY to be done- they worked me in THAT DAY! I had an issue in payments processing so they actually allowed me to pay the last little bit the next day (which means a lot when you're from a small town where everyone knows everyone and there's trust established and I had never met these people with RiverView before!) and then called to follow-up to let me know they received the shipment for the 6-month Heartworms vaccinations for Annie! Wonderful people! My pup was a nervous wreck when she showed up but they were so gentle and calm with her instead of impatient and annoyed! 

– Emily B. | Atlanta, GA


8/4/2016 | Dr. Bostick and staff are great. 

– Eric T. | Fayetteville, GA


6/29/2015 | Best vet I have had in a while. The staff and Doctor were all incredibly caring people. There was no push for upgrades and unnecessary medications or vaccines. They cared about the animal! Which you'd think wouldn't be such a miracle but it seems now a days it is at most money hungry vets. This was not one of those and they really made a stressful experience better as best they could. Prices were very reasonable! Keep up the good work guys! I will be returning here with other creatures of mine. =)

They also fit me in the same day that I called!

As an update now that I've been a few times: Dr. Boznic is nice but there is an air of attitude with her. And for some reason something tells me she doesn't like cats. If this is true why on earth is she a vet. I have been to prob a dozen vets if not more in my lifetime with one cat or the other in many states. I have never in my life seen a vet or their techs handle cats the way they do here. Extremely and very unnecessarily rough. Like jaw droppingly so. I heard my cat who is insanely friendly and who let's you do anything to her, make sounds I've never heard in her entire life. I've NEVER EVER seen anyone handle a cat so rough in my life. It was completely uncalled for. I don't think I will be returning here any longer. My gut tells me something is off with the Dr and the way she and her tech, but specifically her, have handled my cat - no thank you. When I was told bad news about one of my animals I started to tear up, ya know because I'm human and she said, "what am I saying exactly that's upsetting you? " in the weirdest tone. What is wrong with you?

I assure you I'm not being sensitive to normal vet examination of a feline. I again, have never had any cat I've ever owned handled as rough as they do here. There may not be malicious intent but it's not how I want my furbabies treated. 

– Ashley A. | Atlanta, GA


10/15/2014 | No frills, straight toward vet with good quick service. Been going for years, fortunately nothing more than routine cat maintenance. I've shopped their prices and they are competitive. 

– Adam A. | Atlanta, GA


8/14/2012 | We chose Riverview Veterinary Hospital as our first bird vet. We liked it because it was close to us, and a few bird owners recommended us to here. Their office looks very clean and sterile. Everyone acts professionally here. Although I think they might act too professional and clinical. Maybe that's good or maybe that's not as good. Who knows? That depends on the pet owners.

Riverview does not specialize in birds or exotic animals. They cater to all animals like cats and dogs. I could tell they weren't as experienced dealing with birds compared to other vets who specialize in birds. For example, they needed a towel handle my bird. At other avian vets, they didn't need to do that. Then again, I'm not sure if that's their policy to towel all birds.

Also, the assistant that trimmed my bird's nails cut them too short and made my bird bleed. She should've known baby birds have long kwiks and can bleed if they cut too much. It looks like another example of their inexperience with birds. 

I noticed something weird during one visit. When the Doctor came in with several assistants, one of the assistants looked very young and was dressed in street clothes. That looked weird and uncomfortable because he looked like some young punk that invaded our examination room to see what we were doing. Maybe he was just a student who forget his lab coat. Oh well. He just looked very out of place.

They are courteous, friendly and professional. They also have give-aways with basket of goodies for your pets. We actually won one. Just for that, they get another .25 star. 

– Jang C. | Mableton, GA


1/6/2011 | I've relied on Riverview for help with several pets ranging from a rescued ferret to dogs and kittens. Costs are very reasonable and the location is particularly convenient. The staff kept me well updated on progress at times when overnight stays or operations were needed. I always feel I'm putting my pets in good hands with Dr. Bostick and Riverview. 

– Merewyn H. | Marietta, GA


12/5/2008 | I just took my dog here the other day. Overall it was a good experience. She had some really bad gas (the dog not the doctor) and they were very careful not to embarrass her. She actually just went in for a heart worm test. While not overly friendly (I'm used to my vet in Athens) they were quick, thorough, professional, and didn't charge an outrageous price. I think it was $117 for her test and the heart worm medication. 

– Kory R. | Atlanta, GA


4/2/2008 | Finally! For 19 years, living in Sandy Springs, I could never find a vet that I liked, respected and felt were knowledgeable and caring of my pet. Well, I have been with Dr. Bostick for 6 years so I can now say I have FINALLY found my vet! She is a no nonsense doctor. She is serious and thorough when examining your pet, yet very caring and compassionate. Her staff are professional and friendly. Vinings is not exactly next door, but I would follow Dr. B anywhere. Her prices are reasonable so therefore, don't expect a fancy waiting room or even exam rooms. But if you're like me, that falls far, far down on the list of requirements for a good doctor for my animals. Oh, and she also is a specialist for ferrets, bunnies, exotics and birds. 

– shecolt1