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Exotic Animal Care in Atlanta


Exotic pet medical care is just as important as veterinary care for a cat or a dog. If you need a herp vet or an avian vet who offers general medical care, it can be hard to find a provider that will perform general exams, treat an illness and diagnose medical issues. Riverview Veterinary Hospital offers all of this to clients in the greater Atlanta area and their various pet friends. We know that pet care and treatment are not privileges just for common animals. Trust us to care for your exotic pet’s health care needs.

Treating Reptiles, Birds, Rodents & More


We treat a wide range of animals. Each of them requires unique medical care for illnesses and ailments, and we tailor the treatment accordingly. Generally, all exotic pets should have an annual physical exam that includes a fecal analysis, administration of any necessary vaccines and blood work. A vet can explain any additional specialized care that is necessary. Some of the pets we commonly treat include the following:

  • Rodent
  • Reptile
  • Parrot​
  • Sugar glider
  • Hedgehog
  • Frog​
  • Ferret
  • Snake
  • Turtle

Serving Marietta, Smyrna & Surrounding Areas


Exotic pets are a joy, but it can be difficult to find a veterinarian who will provide the general health care they need. Many offices primarily treat dogs and cats, so you may be hesitant to entrust your exotic pet to them. You don’t need to settle for veterinary care that doesn’t meet your pet’s needs. Visit an exotic animal veterinarian who can provide the comprehensive treatment required. At Riverview Veterinary Hospital, we offer surgery, a pet wellness plan and general care to all kinds of pets. If you would like to arrange an appointment with us, please call 770-956-8004.

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