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Diagnostic Dog & Cat Exams in Atlanta


Ensure Your Animal's Health


Pet exams are an important part of ensuring your animal’s health and preventing a potential disease diagnosis. When it comes to pet health care, an occasional exam is the minimum. Taking your furry family member to the veterinarian for therapeutic care is a deeper level of treatment that can benefit its health exponentially.

Riverview Veterinary Hospital specializes in providing a range of services at our Atlanta office, including the following:

  • Check for skin or ear infections
  • Listen to heart and lungs
  • ​Examine skin and coat
  • Assess teeth and mouth

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services Offered in Smyrna


In addition to the general care provided by a routine exam, we offer diagnostic and therapeutic services that can further enhance your pet’s well-being. The primary services we provide are as follows:

  • Diagnostic: Diagnostic care is essential to detecting diseases and ailments before they worsen.
  • Dietary counseling: Dietary counseling is ideal for pets that struggle with their weight or with sensitivities to typical pet food.
  • Therapeutic care: If your pet is overcoming an ailment or struggling with a particular health challenge, therapy can provide a structured treatment to address it.

Care for Your Furry Friend’s Health in Marietta


Many people are unaware of what an impact visits to the veterinary office can have on their four-legged friend’s overall health and well-being. Indeed, scheduling a pet exam is more than just a way to check on animal health. It’s also an opportunity to invest in important diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for your cat or dog. At Riverview Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in providing pets with the exemplary treatment they deserve, and that includes veterinary radiology services. We serve clients located throughout areas such as Marietta, Smyrna and Atlanta, so if you are ready to treat your pet to the best care available, call us at 770-956-8004 to make an appointment.

For a full list of services that we offer, please visit our Services page.