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Comprehensive X-Rays for Pets in Atlanta

If your pet has been injured, has developed a strange lump or is otherwise exhibiting signs of illness, it may be time for an X-ray. X-rays allow a veterinary professional to see every part of your pet’s body and diagnose a problem more accurately. At Riverview Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in radiology for your dog, cat or nearly any other pet. Our digital X-rays and radiograph imaging technology allow us to offer the best comprehensive diagnostics in Atlanta.

Caring for Your Dog or Cat With Ultrasounds & Lab Work

An ultrasound is another way to produce diagnostic imaging. It is entirely noninvasive and is typically used to view the organs inside of a pet’s body, whereas an X-ray is preferable for viewing bones. Pets that are pregnant, possibly cancerous and otherwise ill may be diagnosed using this method.

In addition to imaging, diagnostic lab work is an essential part of determining the state of your pet’s health. We offer veterinary diagnostics and blood test processing at our facility, so you need not worry about the costs of taking your pet elsewhere. Blood tests allow us to check for disease, cancer and many other conditions.

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Veterinary Services in Smyrna, Marietta & Surrounding Areas

Nobody wants to have lab work or X-rays done on their pet, but if there is any possibility of illness, it’s an important part of the diagnostic process. In addition to the stress of worrying about your pet’s health, you may be concerned about the costs of a pet X-ray or lab test. Having your laboratory work done at Riverview Veterinary Hospital can save you money and streamline the treatment process. We offer radiology and pet surgery in our office, too, so you never need to worry about taking your pet elsewhere. If you would like to arrange an appointment or ask any questions, please reach out to us at 770-956-8004.

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