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Dr. Bostick

Dr. Bostick

Dr. Bostick, a native New Yorker, is a 1985 graduate of Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. A career practitioner, she has been the proud owner of Riverview Veterinary Hospital since 1992. Dr. Bostick finds it very interesting and rewarding to treat multiple species.

Sara photo


Sara is a veterinary assistant and has enjoyed working at Riverview since 2006. She owns one fur friend named Bullet who spends her time sleeping all day at the front desk and greeting those who come in the door.

office cats

Nala Nubbins

Nala Nubbins is one of our resident house cats. She came to us when she was only a few weeks old from Cobb County Animal Control. She had irreparable trauma to her tail and Dr. Bostick had to amputate it; hence the name Nubbins. She especially enjoys visiting all the patients and feels she must say hello to everyone no matter what species. You may occasionally see her sneaking into the exam rooms.


Akasha also came from Cobb County Animal Control. She is Nala's best friend. She is often seen trying to steal the spotlight from Nala as official greeter.