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Keep Your Dog & Cat Healthy in the Winter

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Winter is a time of wonder, especially for your dog and cat. The holidays, cold weather and seasonal plants all fascinate your furry friends, but they can also be deadly. Protect your pet by ensuring it avoids common winter hazards, including too many scraps from the holiday table.

Holiday Décor

Holiday décor may harm your pet. Trees, lights, ornaments, tinsel, gift wrap and bows can make it very sick. Keep the tree and gifts where the animal can’t reach them and don’t hang lights if your pet chews on the cords.

Cold Weather

Subzero temperatures can kill, so bring your pet in when the temperatures drop. If you absolutely cannot do so, make certain it has warm shelter from the cold, sleet and snow. Yes, your cat can have a dog house, too, because its fur really isn’t enough to keep it warm.

Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants, especially holly, mistletoe and poinsettias can poison your dog or cat if ingested. Keep them out of reach, or avoid buying them if your cat’s a climber. Mistletoe in particular has been known to cause cardiovascular collapse.

These are three winter pet hazards you should watch for to keep your dog and cat healthy and happy. If you suspect your animal is ill as a result of a winter hazard, take it to the vet immediately. If you need animal medical care, call Riverview Veterinary Hospital in Atlanta.